Christina inherited her upstate childhood home in the small hamlet outside of Woodbury a few years prior. After moving to boarding school in Connecticut and NYU after, the thought of returning was more like a distant firefly moving away from view. With life fluttering and stoppages around the globe, this was the perfect opportunity to retreat to her woodside haven. Familiarity, space, and solitude all grew fonder in her mind and heart as the city walls seemed more closed in. 

As Covid extended, it became clear this could be more of a mainstay than an ephemeral escape on long weekends. The project of opening the galley kitchen came to mind.  This phased renovation examines removing the partition wall and two openings currently dividing kitchen and living room.  By freeing up the sightlines, Christina could invite natural light and a greater well being when preparing her grandmother’s papoutsakia. The visual connection also welcomes participation with guests at the island and interaction with friends enjoying the living room.

Clients: Christina
Type: Single Family Home (3,259sqft)
Location: Woodbury, NY
Design Direction: Transitional Hamlet
Lead Interior Designer: Cliff Chan
Status: Delivering 2023

Scope of Work: Interior Design and procurement of furniture, textiles, bedding, art, and decor