Situated on the liminal plane between Mount Bachelor and the Oregon High Desert, Amy and Mark found themselves a piece of home (10 acres to be exact!). This marked a significant shift from their previous residence among the rural sprawl of Orange County. Tetherow’s offerings for outdoorists were compelling. The new heading was driven by their family’s enthusiasm to retreat to the slopes in the winter and the introduction of widespread remote work adoption.  The idea felt too appealing to forgo.

Upon visiting the property, Amy found the home dressed with a rustic farmhouse vibrancy more than she cared for, but Amy became energized by the challenge. It was clear, the home needed a glow up. Amy desired a cleaner line refresh and more more modern vigor. The exposed beam and exterior cladding had a beautiful weathered character and the dark aluminum roof and black brick planter beds gave us our first color references. We saw our chance to infuse the spaces with open and more architecturally refine mid-century modern silouettes while still having touches of elevated coarseness through small and medium scale additions. The results was a beautiful expressiveness of mid-century poise and rustic refinement.

Clients: Amy and Mark
Type: Single Family Residential (4,790 sqft)
Location: Tetherow, OR
Lead Interior Designer: Cliff Chan
Rendering Specialist: Mark Marianos
Phase 1 Completed in 2022; Phase 2 In-progress 2023-24

Scope of Work: Interior design including space planning, furnishings, art, decor, and lighting selections