OVERVIEW: Rooted in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and services, Cliff has grown and flourished in starting and extending each partnership with valuing the voices in the room.  He believes each opportunity is an invitation to listen, learn, and lead. He seeks out the Gordian knot and finds innovative approaches that come with impactful solutions.

  • Orchestrate the client design journey while bringing along design partners;
  • Communicate effectively as a project leader, mentor and solutions-oriented collaborator;
  • Retain a wide-range of experience within several phases of architecture and interior design process including Programming, Pre-Design, Conceptual, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding, Furniture Procurement, FFE selections, RFIs, and Contract Administration;
  • Possess advance knowledge of performance and care instructions for furniture procurement in leathers, fabrics, rugs, and wood finishes to educate and inform material selections;
  • Acquire working knowledge of IBC, regulations, and specifications;
  • Facilitate and coordinate project goals alongside architects and consultants over duration of scope


RH | Lead Interior Designer | Portland, OR                                                                                                                                              07/20 - 04/23
  • Own all phases of the client journey including consultations, site visits, interior design, presentations, and delivery
  • Mentor and encourage junior associates to align with budget, project scope, deliverables, furniture procurement, material education, coordination, curation and staging;
  • Monitor all work for accuracy to adhere to project schedule and industry quality expectations of design team;
  • Lead internal design collaborations and conduct meetings with design team;
  • Curate informative explorations and workshops focusing on skills development, business strategies, communication, presentation techniques, workflow, and behaviors;
  • Conduct virtual and in-person interior design direction with equal success and client satisfaction;
  • Pursue business leads weekly while managing 8-15 active interior design projects from single spaces to full homes with high quality and efficiency during a project cycle;
  • Initiate internal education mission to bring forth the design standards and software skills to align with industry standards

STORIES far from home | Founder and Design Director                                                                                                         11/17 - 10/20
  • Operate a 3-person short form print publication with global presence in 18 countries;
  • Study on documenting placemaking artifacts and individuals who create a sense of place through the conventions of observations, conversations, and interviews;
  • Coordinate and drove brand presence through partnerships with small businesses and retailers

Leigh & Orange | Project Designer | Hong Kong, SAR China                                                                                                 02/17 - 11/17
  • Assist in preparing production drawings and specifications for presentation & tender sets;
  • Engage in concept design, schematic design, detail design, tender dwgs., & construction docs;
  • Inspect for quality and report site status during contract administration stage;
  • Administer cost control, project supervision, material requisitions, & documentation;
  • Ensure that all works are carried out to specified standards, building codes, guidelines and regulations;
  • Research and identify material selection based on project design specifications;
  • Manage all phases of the design process to ensure quality, timeliness, and client budget
  • Empower the team with transparent and inclusive feedback on methods to build efficiency and workflow as a team leader; 
  • Work alongside design director to execute contractor interviews during bidding stage;
  • Conduct weekly meetings to coordinate with other disciplines and sub-consultants during CA stage;
  • Return to the US due to political unrest in Hong Kong and military occupation

Juny’a Ishigami + Associates | Contributing Design Associate | Tokyo, Japan                                                                      05/16 - 02/17
  • Manage tight deadlines in a professional and positive manner;
  • Develop and procure concept boards, presentations, and project narrative in English;
  • Enhance visual models and illustrative renderings to align with brand identity;
  • Generate visual, diagrams, massing studies;
  • Participate in structural engineering coordination to carry out architectural design details;
  • Lead competition team briefs and breakout charrettes for several design competitions;
  • Strengthen media relations with publications and digital media agencies;
  • Establish external connections by networking for academic speakerships and community building

Aedas | Architectural Designer | Hong Kong, SAR China                                                                                                     10/13 - 03/16
  • Execute responses to submittals, RFIs and change requests with contractors and trade consultants under Senior Architect’s supervision;
  • Assist, review, and update specification standards and procedures with the specification teams;
  • Share in daily construction coordination with E&M, Structural Engineers, and Signage consultants;
  • Prepare submission of BA Forms for the consent and commencement of work;
  • Conduct MOE and DV compliance tables;
  • Ensure code compliances and regulations as a deviations controller;
  • Implement value engineering addendums while maintaining the overall design intent by researching alternative design solutions to accommodate aesthetic direction and functional needs including facade and roof drainage details

PlusClover (formerly known as DavidClovers) | Architectural Designer | Hong Kong                                                        05/12 - 08/12

[  ] Architensions (formerly known as Archi[T]ensions) | Junior Designer | New York, NY                                                07/11 - 11/11

  • AutoCadLT, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Hand Sketching, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit

  • Master’s of Architecture | Cornell University, Class of 2012
  • Bachelor’s of Design - Architecture | University of Florida, Class of 2009 (Cum Laude)