Homes that are etched in our minds hours after leaving, always give us the greatest sense of joy and connection to those who inhabit them.  

As a nurse in Montreal and a founder of a successful tech start-up, coming home to a new country can be thrilling and admittedly a bit scary. These leaps into adventure and novelty can also be seen as an opportunity to understand ourselves deeply.

Like the start of all great adventure novels, the story takes place by finding the comforts and excitement of building a home in the Beaver State.  Audrey and Tim had their ‘pinch me moment’ when they came across their double open-end gable, boldly painted in Bonne Nuit across their board and batten cladded lakehouse. 

The pathway leading to the front of home provided us an inviting and comforting lightness upon walking in. 
To achieve an easy living softness, we presented warm chalks and neutrals with uplifts of textural dimension through small scale introductions of twine, basketweaves, reclaimed, jute, and petrified woods.  Pulling in celebrated character pieces of lightly waxed sawhorse benches and tables married the airy modular sofas and chairs. 

As centers for both sides of their family and friends, Audrey could see themselves hosting family and friends with regularity. The covered outdoor porch collapsible sliding panel doors presented us an opportunity to connect the interior dining room and living space with the richness of paper birch and alder packed forests cascading at the rear of the home. We imagined this space being a wonderful point of respite and retreat after their pack of avid cyclists returned from a morning or evening ride.  Future imaginations of adding a barbeque grill and hot tub at the bottom of the steps added to our vision and conviction.

Upstairs, one can catch glimpses of the kidney bean lake frontage with weekend boats whisking through the breeze. For the exception of one office / auxillary guest room on the ground floor, the second floor is an axial procession of 3 bedrooms and a game room.  The importance of keeping the airy feel is included breathable linens and textiles draped across both fabric and wood frame beds.

Clients: Audrey + Tim
Type: Single Family Home (5,188sqft)
Location: Oregon
Design Direction:
Contemporary Lakehouse
Builder: Renaissance Homes
Lead Interior Designer:
Cliff Chan
Status: Completed 2022

Scope of Work: Interior Design and procurement of furniture, textiles, bedding, and decor