Colleen came to us disenchanted of her 18-year old formal tea room. The space felt disjointed, overembellish, and stuffy. She began to feel contrite after laboring over the direction and questioned ever starting at all.  We approached her neuralgia by settling the visual noise of the space. Our first step was to remove the punctuations of painted floor board and crown molding that weighed the space down.  We worked with the architects to raise and align the soffit with the new outdoor extension.

For our color palette, we suggested bone and warm whites as a visually neutral backdrop for whimsical introductions of new furniture and lighting moving forward. We presented sinuous lines and fileted corner details to facilitate the unencumbered movement along the broad faces and corners of the room.  An uplift of vibrancy and unity was discovered through timeless materials such as burl, travertine, and burnished brass.  Suddenly, circuitous flows of traffic came to a terminus rather than a bottleneck of victorian high backs and laquered tables. This would be a new destination off the bedroom wing and outdoor patio. 

Colleen + Anthony
Type: Single Family Residence
Location: Burlingame, California
Design Direction:
Miminal - Light - Classic
Lead Interior Designer: Cliff Chan
Status: Delivering 2023

Scope of Work: Interior Design and procurement of furniture, textiles, bedding, and decor