There is a prophetic tenor upon one’s approach into Tetherow. It’s easy to celebrate the ochre palette and the natural inclination to follow the numerous trails stemming from nearby trailheads and crossings. The lot is fenced in by tall Ponderosas to its east and high desert lined junipers, sage, and bitter brush afront. Full bristled cedars will shift seasonally from full evergreens to patchy grizzled yellows by winter. 

Diane and Chris brought us on to develop and enhance the design brush of the indoor environment. It was clear, our answer laid at our feet - meld and bring inside the pageantry of textures and hues from their Arcadian landscape.  Afterall, they were enchanted by the terrain and wanted to develop a deep connection with the land. Their home would be a reference to the local’s beauty within. 

Chris emphasized a strong penchant for artisanal touches and storage for his slowly amassed collection of rare books and well kept maps. Guided by the pitched roofs profiles above, we brought forth a collective of clean lined yet angular silhouettes when curating the seating profiles. Pinches of elevated coarseness were joined with wrapped twine at the arms and hand woven weaves at the seatbacks. Touches of hammered brass, detailed the corners and pulls in the case goods. Earthen molasses colored leathers and variegated sands served as the large foundational pieces. Small scale attention was brought in with sourced stone planters and vases to enrich the space with lived in character.  For our lighting, echo a wagon wheel based and fluted edison lights seemingly fitting of the history of explorers who sought passage and repose West. Final touches of timeless yet adjustable floor lamps flanked the 8’ sofas. All in all, we were able to achieve a design brushstroke exhibiting intentionally echoed by the client and the site.

Clients: Chris and Diane
Type: Single Family Residence (4,573 sqft)
Location: Bend, Oregon
Design Direction:
Refined, Textured, Collected
Contractor: Norman Construction
Lead Interior Designer: Cliff Chan
Rendering: Mark Marianos
Status: Spring 2023

Scope of Work: Full home interior design including furnishings, art, decor, finishes and lighting selections